How to Make a Garden Stepping Stone

 How to Make a Garden Stepping Stone

Do not throw away broken ceramics! You can make beautiful garden stones from broken pots. it is easy. Simply store the pieces in a box or container for your next craft project.

It's amazing how many projects you can complete using scrap materials. Just use your God-given imagination, and don't limit yourself. I will share with you the basics of how to make stones from broken pots or china.

Finding Inspiration

It was a hot summer afternoon, Saturday afternoon. I decided to clean out my antiques cabinet of all the beautiful china. For some reason, I was in a hurry to finish my work and somehow reported the antiques.
While I was trying to keep my balance from falling off the chair, my entire chain fell off. To my surprise most of them were broken by then.

The phone rang while I was trying to pick up the pieces. It rang and rang, and I thought to myself it was important. He was a friend of mine. I told him what happened and how I was going to get rid of my broken chain because I no longer used it.
Then he advised me to save these pieces. He even offered to show me how to make beautiful garden stones out of them.

Getting Started on Your Garden Stone

My friend came back about a week and a half later and told me that she and her daughter had gone to a thrift store and bought old dishes to do a project for her daughter's school.
He saw a craft in a crafty magazine and thought it would be something fun and different to do together. The move they made was demonstrated at his daughter's school.

Using Ceramics From the Thrift Shop

My friend and her daughter put protective covers on the pots from the thrift store and smashed them. They made sure to do it at a level where they weren't worried about causing harm. He also asked his daughter to use it for protection in case the safety glass is broken.
My friend also gave me a list of what I needed to get started, and gave me instructions. However, you can also use crushed glass in projects, jewelry, and/or similar items.

The supplies you will need.

Non-stick cake pan of any size or shape (such as round or heart-shaped)
Broken pottery, glass, jewelry, or alternative objects can be incorporated into the design.
Rubber gloves
Concrete and water
Newspaper to protect the work surface
Non-stick cooking spray or Vaseline
An old stirring spoon or small hand trowel
Measuring cup with mixing stick
Bucket for concrete

Preparing Your Workspace and Drafting a Design

Choose a workspace: Before you start, cover your space and choose an area that allows you to mess around. Once you have all the supplies together, grab the broken utensils and separate the smaller pieces from the larger ones.

Practice your design: Practice your design on your chosen shape using a piece of paper. You can determine the shape by placing the paper under the pan you are using. Draw a light pencil trace on the paper, then cut out the shape to practise your design.

Making Your Beautiful Stepping Stone

1- Bring a bucket and concrete (preferably a smooth mixture). You can find good concrete at a craft store or any building supply store. Follow the directions on the package.

2- Mix the water in the concrete bucket using an old spoon or wooden stick. Make enough for one or two stones, but not more (otherwise it will be too thick).

3- Spray the pan with non-stick spray or Vaseline. Pour the mixture into the pan you are using and make sure it is placed on a flat surface.

4- Take the broken pieces that you have arranged on your design paper and carefully place them on the concrete that has been placed in the mold. Follow the design you created.

5- Carefully press the pieces into the concrete, making sure they are placed evenly. You don't want any of the broken pieces to stick together. Your arrangement ought to be seamless and free of any sharp edges.

6- Once finished, let the starting stone dry. Make sure to cover it to protect it if you keep it outside. It may take a few days to dry.

7- You can paint the stone or paint it with a shiny material to protect it after it dries.

8-When it dries completely, you can take it out of the cake pan and then place it in your garden to add color and magic. Do not use the cake pan for eating or cooking purposes. Save it for the next starting point.

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