How to Hide an Ugly Garden Wall

 How to Hide an Ugly Garden Wall

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show you what my husband and I are currently doing in our backyard. This weekend we quickly, easily and inexpensively covered up a very unattractive wall in a bid to make our garden more attractive.
We actually bought the ugliest house in the neighborhood. I'm not kidding you! That's what the real estate agent told us, and that's exactly what we thought too! The house needed a lot of work, but it was exactly what we needed, in the right location, and most importantly, it was what we could afford!
Let me apologize in advance because most of the pictures you'll see in this article are pretty ugly! But this is part of a before and after article. It gets better the further you scroll down, and it ends up being a real beauty!

Reviving an Ugly Garden:

We also had the ugliest garden in the whole world to go with our hideous house. Our garden is a big challenge because we have to make it much better with less money. We will rely on friends and neighbors to donate plants and some small pieces, but the hard work is our responsibility. We can't afford to hire designers. Some of our dear friends have already given us some plants and pots, and we have ideas to recycle all kinds of things, but we still have a long way to go.
We also need expert advice, which is why I decided to share everything in this article! I know you guys will be able to help me in every possible way.

Sunny 'Rooms' for an Ugly Garden

Even though it's ugly, we have a few things that make it a little easier – it faces south, so it's a sunny garden, and it's divided into four sections, so we have different 'rooms'.
Our plan is to have an area with lawns, fruit trees to provide shade, and small vegetable patches. One area is designated for the shed where my son can store his toys and have space outside. The third area is on the side of the house, so we will have a lot of pots and put the pergola there. The toughest area is right outside our back doors, which is where we have the most problems.

Hide an ugly wall with a bamboo screen.

The walls were made of large, unsightly air blocks and faced a row of concrete garages at the back of the garden. They were in such terrible condition that we couldn't bear to see them any longer, and we knew we had to act fast.
At first, we thought about planting a creeper that grows a mile a minute, but we didn't have the patience to wait for summer for it to grow. And we were worried about the barren winter months when they would die and leave us with an ugly wall again. So we decided that we needed to cover it with something before we planted the creeper.

We thought about painting it, but our neighbors tried it, and it looks terrible because the paint doesn't hide the texture of the brick. They also chose light blue, which doesn't look good at all (in our opinion, it does)!
So we visited our local garden centers and went online and found something called a split bamboo barrier, and that's what we settled on.
We've had it on the back wall for about two years, and it's been great. Not only is it very durable, it matches our needs perfectly as it will last for a few years, making it an ideal choice.
I like them to be made from organic materials because I want my garden to look as natural as possible.

Easy DIY Bamboo Fencing

Before making a purchase from Amazon, be careful to measure the size of your wall because they have a wide variety of lengths and heights. If necessary, you can cut it easily. We had to trim to our specified height, which was a bit difficult and required two people, but we managed it successfully using a regular saw.
We placed the screen order online after measuring the desired wall's length and height.
We figured out how to mount it to the wall, which wasn't difficult and went remarkably smoothly.
Once all the cutting was done, installing the screen took about 2 hours. We were:

An electric drill
Heavy-duty gardener's wire

Our Nifty Technique

We worked around the wall, drilled a hole and inserted a screw with a raw caulk to hold it in place. We then wrapped the wire around the nail, inserted it through the gap in the bamboo curtain, and secured it with a knot.
Then we pushed the vertices behind the screen so you wouldn't see any messy connections. We alternated up and down, keeping them about a foot apart.

In this way we installed the screen at the back of the garden which was huge and high. It was easy.
By Sunday afternoon, we had the look pictured above. We're thrilled with it - and the whole thing cost less than £80!
The pots will grow along the wall, and we will grow strawberries there too.

Next step: transform our ugly floor using decorating and crafting skills
After many hours of deliberation, we decided to purchase decor to cover the ugly floor. Unfortunately, someone decided it was unwise to pour concrete over the entire area, causing it to deteriorate and weather over time.

We shopped online, making sure we got the right size for our space. Fortunately, we were able to secure it at a discount, paying only half the suggested retail price. Although the amount still came to around £500, the end result justified the investment.
However, the result was worth it, and we learned how to lay a deck, which is a very useful life skill. Handling the business ourselves has saved us a lot of money, so we are very proud of our success.

Garden makeover: from ugly to delightful

If you go back to the top of the article you will be able to see the transformation of the garden.
I think you will agree that we have made a huge difference in this area. Now we can put a table and chairs outside and eat al fresco in the summer - how beautiful.

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